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Its Been Awhile

Posted by northwoodsliving on June 7, 2011

It has been way to long since my last post. That is not how I want my Blog to go. A few posts, then gone. As I feel the times we live in now need attention, and folks need to be informed about the world around them, even us little guys who live in tiny towns in the back woods. Doing a Blog keeps me going about the world around me and my small town, and community  I live in.  So lets get started up again shall we?


The fishing is now really picking up. We are a few weeks behind as our water temps are still on the cool side. The pan fish are biting great! Folks are using small leaf worms, crappie minnows, even Fat heads for the pan fish.

Bass season is not yet opened, but it is catch and re lease. The bass should be on their spawning beds. Now, I do not know this for sure. I have been down for a week with a bad cold/flu bug that is going around. One of the local bait, gas stations I help at when needed, I did help on Memorial weekend. We sold a lot of bait, and the guys told me they where all so doing very well catching a number of fish. Being sick meant I have not been out fishing either, I am going through fishing withdrawals as I type this. It had been two weeks since I have been out, my dear husband too.

Water temps are starting to warm up, I would start fishing with leaches now. We did sell a good amount of leaches too. Our weather has yet to make up its mind. Yesterday, today, until this weekend, our temps have been  darn right hot and humid. This weekend, a cool down by 30 degrees the weatherman is saying. That will put us around the 60s. I am sure we will get some good storms with the cold front moving through, right before the weekend. That can slow fishing down a bit.

I am going to do some checking, and get back to my post later. Next will be how our local businesses did on Memorial Weekend.

I can not believe I am a week plus behind!


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What A Difference A Day Makes

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 23, 2011

Weather Is The News Of The Day

Wow! The sever weather that hit the nation yesterday from down south to tornado’s in Wisconsin, and a tornado warning in our county. We where blessed up north with no loss of life, and no major damage.

It started out sunny, warm, a perfect spring day for us. Around 5 P.M. all the news channels went right to weather. I thank the TV stations for keeping us so well-informed, as they do a great job! Here in eastern Vilas county we only had down pours and pea size hail. Towards the west though, those clouds looked bad, dark with the green tint.

We have been in a drought for about the last five years, any rain is good rain. When we have been getting the rain though, it has been down pours and we even set a few records for rain fall in a certain amount of time. My town gravel road is washed out again in the famous wash out place we few that live down the town road call it.

My thoughts today are with the folks down south, Missouri and other places where they have loss of life. A house is just but a house, a life can not be replaced. It sure has been a bad year for weather related deaths. Mother Nature just might be telling us something.

For the rest of the week temps are only supposed to be in the low 60s. With our big weekend coming, our start of tourist season the weatherman are calling for the same. No big warm up, temps in the lower 60s and some rain possible. Even with temps in the 60s when the sun is out, it feels warmer. That is if we do not have a north wind, then it is cold no matter what. Spring is all so a windy time of year for us, it all comes in to play. We need, and I can not stress that enough a good Memorial weekend. Our “summer” season years ago started opening of fishing season. It seems the last five or so years, now it does not start till the 4th of July.

It is scary right now living and depending on our vacationers. We have no industry in our town. We have road construction, building construction,and logging as the biggest employers. Eagle River is all so where our court-house is located and highway department, they employ a good number of folks too. No matter though, it all depends on our vacationers. With out them, we would have no town. We do need more to draw families up here. Right now, the big debate is ATV trails. We have snowmobile trails in the winter why can’t we open some up for ATVs? Vilas county is the only county with the other four that boarders us not to have ATV trails. Times are changing, those in our town and county seats have to open their eyes to that FACT.

With today coming to an end, I want to give my thoughts to those affected by the tornado’s and weather.

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Fishing, Weather, North Woods

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 22, 2011

Saturday morning sun gave away to rain in the afternoon. I was surprised the amount of bait we sold, and the fishing reports I was told. Seems the rain did not dampen the fishing.

Good size Walleye where being caught. I had one report of a 7 pounder. Now, that could have been a “fish tale,” but he all so caught some nice Northern too. The lakes being fished are in the National Forest. We have great Walleye and Northern lakes, plus Bass lakes.

The bait of the weekend, Fat Heads. Crappie minnows all so sold well too. The Blue Gills should be biting good now, all though I have not heard any reports. We fish when the Lillys just start coming up, and in shallow water, right by those weeds and lillys.

Guys are starting to use leaches more too. I do not start using leaches this early, but hey, I all so am do not call myself an expert fisherman either. I have just been fishing the lakes in the National Forest since I was old enough to hold a fishing pole. I do imagine the lake temps in the shallows are warm and the leaches might not be curling up on the hook.

Despite the rainy Saturday, fishing was good! Are lakes are still quiet as the water temps are still to cold for much of the water sports folks enjoy. Take advantage of that and go fishing. Any day out on the lake fishing is a good day!!

The weather has been a bit soggy this spring. Green up is well on its way, the trees are starting to get green with little leafs budding out. The apple trees and other blossoming trees are close to showing their spring flowering. Still lake levels are low, some boat landings can be a challenge. The snow we did get this winter was a “dry” snow, and did not help our lake levels. Some improvement is starting though.

Our big weekend is fast in coming!!! The make or break weekend we call it. We need sunny skies and warm temps.  A light rain at night, is the sound of a Mothers lullaby.

And as always, if you want to know the lakes that the fish are being caught, drop me comment I would be more than happy to tell you and to help you out in any way I can.

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No Kidding!

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 16, 2011

Q. Pending approval, the department’s budget could see a $3.5 million boost. What does that do for the agency?

A. It shows the governor has a commitment to growing the tourism economy. I think it’s important that you look across the board of state agencies, what agencies have the ability to market and grow the economy? I think certainly tourism is one of those agencies that has the ability to have a return on the investment.

When you’re going from (a budget of) $10 million to $13-plus million, that represents a fairly nice percentage increase. It’s easy to sit back and say “Michigan is at $25 million,” but we’re not in that frame of mind. We’re saying we really welcome the additional marketing … and it means we’re going to be more visible and more present in our target markets. We’re going to be buying more in Chicago and northern Illinois. We’re going to look at the Twin Cities market and see what we can do effectively to bring those people across the boarder.

It’s a significant increase in our ability to attract more people from those neighboring states… Let’s show we can be effective with the additional dollars. Let’s out-hustle our competitors. Let’s do better public relations than our competitors, and we’ll get our fair share of the tourism pie.

We Need To Keep Those Living Here, To Stay Here, We need Jobs Too!

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Burr COLD: A Short Update

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 13, 2011

Spring Weather

Gotta love spring time in the north woods. Even through spring is late this year, It was touch and go for a while if spring was ever going, well, spring.

We had a few nice days. Then that darn Canada blows all of there cold air down here, its not fare, I am tell you!

When the front moved through we got some much needed rain. A lot of rain too. Our gravel, ok, clay town road washed out it spots. The good town workers have been working on the road all morning now! All so, finally we have green up! The Cherry Trees and Apple Trees have little light green leaves budding out. This is the time of spring I love the most.

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Posted by northwoodsliving on May 9, 2011

A Little Bit Of Everything

Monday morning, and a perfect morning too. Granted I do not have to work today, but after such a long winter I do not think any one would complain. Waking up to the songs of the Robins and other summer song birds. A light breeze blowing in the bedroom woke me up this morning.

I went for a mile walk this weekend too. I took both of my big German Shepherds. I did not plan on going for that long of a walk. The dogs did so well and they enjoyed themselves greatly.

It did not go without a few laughs though. Two dogs on a leash and one snowmobile sign still up. I think another dog mark that sign post as his own. I have my male trying to mark it, my female trying to smell it, and we ended up in one big tangled mess. We did make it out of that mess fine. I do wonder what the people driving where thinking though?

Our second surprise a hole! Not just any old little hole that one might see and think, hey, there is a hole, we have to walk around it. I am thinking, it was an animal den, a big one at that. The dogs caught some sent just off the snowmobile trail, that is right next to the highway. My male and female pull me right over there. No big deal, they wanted to smell something, I was a bit taken back that they pulled that hard. That should have been my first clue! Then it happens. My male falls in this HUGE hole! I mean these are big dogs! All I could see was the black on his back. He gives a little wimp, my female, she freaks out on me. Like, Mom, help!! She runs back to her brother, whining and checking him out. I can just imagine what was going through her mind. I make my way over there, after Tonka, my male calms down, he gets out like it was no big deal!! Sage, the female she was checking him over like a good sister would do.

This hole was covered by leaves, sticks, dead grass. Bear den, Badger? I do not know. The good part, the hole was right across the road from my Mothers house, the goal of the walk.

Needless to say, my Mom took us back home in the car!

I love to walk this time of year. The smell of spring is really in the air! We do not have leaves on the trees yet. This is late for us, but not uncommon. The trees do have buds on them, and some of the Pussy-willows are out. The grass is brown and ugly, we are starting to get patches of green though. The Meadow I live in, all brown dead grasses still. I can not wait for “green up” as it is called. The wild flowers, the grass in the Meadow flows like waves on the beach in the breeze.

We did not have a lot of folks up for the opener of fishing this year. Not like in years past. I can not blame people. The job losses, gas prices, and the silly slot sizes the DNR has on our lakes. Some lakes, you can only keep two walleye and they have to be in the slot size. Why? I will not get in to that debate, it is a big debate up here. And people have their opinions and I have mine.

Well folks, have a great Monday and a great week!

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Fishing Report

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 8, 2011

Opening Day Fishing Report

As I said yesterday I would post the fishing report from the big opener.

My group did well. It was a hit and miss day, as I talked to the locals, and our folks that came up to fish our water. Most where just happy to be on the lakes as it was a great day to be in a boat.

Our group caught four walleye that where keepers. My husband is a catch and release fishermen, his two where put back in the water for others to catch and enjoy. We had two boats out, four people. The other boat also caught two keepers, they will be enjoyed, with fish from ice fishing this afternoon for Mothers Day. walleye in the slot size were caught too. Check the boat landing for size and limit on the lake you are fishing. Northern and Bass where hitting good for our group too. If anyone leaves a comment and ask what lake they where on, I will sure tell you!

Fat heads seemed to be the bait of choice and is what “my guys” caught their fish with. In fact the bait store/gas station I help out on weekends, we went through most of our Fat Heads, and had more coming in. The Walleye Mix sold good too. Like I tell the guys, ” that way you will know what the fish are biting on, if you keep watch what minnow was used that caught the fish.” But the Fat Heads won the day!

It seems the smaller lakes did better than the bigger deeper lakes for some reason I do not know. Fishing in the shallows is the secret this time of year. Around 7 or so inches. Our water temps are still a bit to cold for leaches. The leaches will just curl up on your hook.

Get to know the lake you are going to fish. If you ask your local bait dealer, they will help you! They will all so tell you what kind of bait is working and is not working. We want you to come back, so no, we will not lie to you and try to sell you the most expensive bait of the store. Then it is up to you.

Being Mothers Day we will not be hitting the lakes today. My husband and I do not have children, but we have Mothers that would not be all that happy with us.

The second day of opener is when my Dad,(God Bless) would take his daughter fishing. I have been fishing since I would old enough to hold a fishing pole. I still have that old pole to this day. I do not know many Dads that would take their daughter fishing on opener of fishing season.  Even after my brother was born, it was a daughter father tradition. A few days before opener we would take the boat out from its long winter slumber. Dad and I would clean, wax, polish that old Monark boat till it shined. My husband and I still have that old boat. Dad did get others, but my husband and I love that old boat. It’s not the fanciest boat on the water, but it floats, it does the job. I like to think my dad would be proud that we took care of the boat so well. It’s the only boat I have ever known. I would like to think, Dad is fishing right beside us too. In Heaven, I bet there is a lake where you never get “skunked” and there is not slot size.

God Bless You Dad! I miss you dearly! And Happy Mothers Day!

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Posted by northwoodsliving on May 7, 2011

The Big Opener Fishing Season Opens Today.

Fishing season has begone! Big “rigs” with their boats following behind. I guess, the bigger the truck, the bigger and fancier the boat is, some how will catch you more fish. All kidding aside, this is a big deal up north. This kind of will give our businesses an idea of how the summer will be.

We have hundreds of lakes just in our little County of Vilas, and more in Forest and Oneida County’s. Our little town is right in the center of the three county’s. I count myself even luckier, as I am in a mile of each. Also we have the Chain of Lakes. Miles of lakes all joined together between Eagle River and Three Lakes Wisconsin. Today in the north woods it is a fisherman’s Paradise.

Walleye are what the fisherman are after today. In the coming weeks Musky and  Bass season open.

The weather is wonderful! We made it up to 63 degrees this afternoon, the sun is out with a light breeze.  I can remember pass openers with ice still on the lakes, and snow still on the ground. We have had 6 inches of snow fall the night before. I seen one boat, the folks built a snowman in the boat! For the die-hard fishermen the weather, does not stop them from going out and getting their “lines wet” as we call it.

I shall report back tonight or tomorrow, about the fishing report.

I will get up some good links on fishing reports around Eagle River and the area soon.

I had a computer crash and it did take a while to save up the money to get this nice one I have now. Needless to say, all my links went with the big crash of 2010.

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My Rambling Random Tuesday Thoughts

Posted by northwoodsliving on May 4, 2011

I like to keep my Politic posts and my Random posts separate. Why post about, lets say, my dog beeped the horn with her butt today and scared the crap out of the kind unsuspecting folks pumping gas? It was just not a little beep, beep, either. You know, like the sound of car alarms. Nope, this was one long beep. 

That was my female dog, Sage. One of two big German Shepherds I adopted. My male, Tonka, who was in the back seat at the time, started barking and howling sounding like I had a pact of wolves in my small car. Normally one does not even know I have Tonka with me in the car. He is about six years old. Since he has been a puppy, he has acted like children when you put them in a car seat, they are out, fall fast asleep. My Sage, she knows that, the nice attendant at the gas station knows too.  All the while Sage is happily sitting in the drivers sit, facing backwards, sitting on the steering wheel. Her head is doing that side to side thing dogs do, like they are wondering why the rest of us are all crazy. 

At this point people are gathering around the car, pointing, laughing, and looking around. I know why they are looking around, wondering who belongs in that drivers sit.They know the dog did not drive herself and her brother to the gas station. I am thinking, oh please Sage, move just a little, turn around and face the right way! And like dogs seem to do, she read my mind. The dogs gave a few fine folks a good laugh, smile, maybe even a few seconds away from their worry. And that made me smile.

That is one of the hundreds of reasons I love dogs! They can take away your worry and make you smile!

Snow on May 3rd

Needless to say, the weather is the main topic of conversation around town. We had snow again this morning! The sun did come out this afternoon and it did get close to the 50s. Now I have heard this before from our nice weather folks, it is supposed to warm up. It’s not that they are lying only to tick us all off, although sometimes it does seem they like to play with our heads. It’s those little lakes to the north and east of us, the great lakes that like to play games with our weather. So we tend to give our weather folks some slake. 


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Posted by northwoodsliving on May 3, 2011 – Media Research Center.

The death of arch-villain Osama bin Laden was not celebrated as good news everywhere. On the far-left Pacifica Radio (which takes in about $1.5 million per year in federal tax money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting), one so-called journalist appearing on the Democracy Now program fretted over how celebrations of bin Laden’s demise were “disgusting” and “idiotic,” while a second guest sneered that this was “not justice” but a case of “one killer [the United States] killing another.”

I find the most disturbed people on both side of the isles. I do not think this should even about DEM vs REP. The celebrations, people chanting U.S.A, is disgusting how? How was this NOT justice? I would like those people who think that,to tell that to the Mothers, Fathers, all those who lost loved ones on that day. And sadly, I am sure they would. These kind of people like nothing more then the sound of their own voice. What do they contribute to our Country, what do they do to help others in need? People like those who dislike America can move to a nation where they would not have all the freedoms, most of us now take for granted. Where they would not be aloud to spew their hate about their own country.

We have to find a middle here people! We can not be a nation divided, we need to be a nation united! 

I am not a one party gal. I vote for who I think is best for the whole Nation.

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